Throughout history, the Maltese dog (Maltese) has been surrounded by wealthy people, from Maria Antonetta, Queen Elizabeth, all the way to Paris Hilton and other celebrities. Today, in the 21st century, we can often see him in the company of children and in the bags of city girls.

With its appearance, which resembles a plush toy, the Maltese attracts looks and arouses the desire in people to choose this shaggy dog ​​as a pet.


Maltese are energetic dogs trapped in tiny bodies. They love the game and the company of people, and they are especially attached to the one with whom they spend the most time. They do not like to be left alone, so they are an ideal choice for a person who can fit them into their daily responsibilities. If they spend too much time alone, Maltese people become very anxious.

They adapt very quickly to the new environment, which they fearlessly protect from the first day. Because they are so people-oriented, Maltese respond well to training and rewards (treat, game, praise). They are smart, but also very stubborn. They have a cheerful character and experience every person they meet as their friend.

The lifespan of a Maltese is from 12 to 14 years. There are three types of Maltese: mini (weighing 1 kg), medium (1 to 3 kg) and large (over 3 kg). They have no undercoat, nor do they shed, which suits people with allergies.

Their hair requires a lot of care: regular brushing, washing and trimming. Winter is the biggest enemy for their sensitive body, and they are happiest when they are tucked into warm clothes.

A small Maltese dog lies on a meadow.


With the high demand for Maltese, there was also a problem: rejection on the street or in shelters. Guided by the cute appearance of the Maltese and thinking that the Maltese does not take as much time as big dogs, the unprepared customer receives a new living being in his home.

After the excitement of taking the dog subsides, the new owner is hit by a wave of reality and realizes that he has a pet with him that brings new responsibilities: brushing once a day (with a harder, then a softer brush), bathing once a week, grooming once a month, training , walking, veterinary examinations, buying food and clothes for the winter… As he did not think about his obligations when taking the dog, now he has too much to bear, and rejects the Maltese.

Due to the small size, the Maltese were caught in the clutches of the trend of carrying dogs in handbags. It all started with celebrities, following whose example the city girls started buying Maltese and wearing them as fashion accessories. Some even dyed their hair.

Due to this way of life, which looks more like a toy than a living being, Maltese fail to socialize with other dogs, they become nervous, protective-minded… They also get used to leashing and walking over time.

A smiling Maltese peeks out of his backpack.


Before taking a dog, we must be aware that we are accepting a new family member into our home, to whom we are obliged to provide the best possible living conditions. Every dog ​​requires love, care, attention, activity. Before adopting or buying a dog, ask yourself if you can commit to that obligation and if the dog fits your lifestyle at all. Do not be guided only by appearance but also by his character. Ask yourself if you can afford to have a dog.

You need to prepare yourself and your home for a new family member. In your home you must have: food and water containers, bed, food, leash, necklace, sweets, toys, brush, shampoo… The dog should be provided with a personal space in which he will feel safe.

You, as a guardian, be prepared that it will be difficult at first. You and the dog get used to each other. The first few months will bring a lot of worries and questions like “Can I do this?” and “Is it smart that I took a dog at all?”, which you must not allow to intimidate you. Such thinking is natural, it is only important that it does not overwhelm you, but that you always have in mind that everything you do will pay off.

Having a dog is wonderful and you will soon notice many benefits: better heart health (petting the dog reduces blood pressure and heart rate), more exercise, reducing stress (just looking at the dog increases the secretion of oxytocin, the hormone of happiness). The most important benefit is that you give a dog a home.

The connection between a adopted dog and its owners


You are probably reading this text because you are interested in buying Maltese, but consider giving the opportunity to abandoned animals! When choosing a dog, we are often guided by the appearance of the dog, which is normal, because of course we will take the one that catches our eye. However, it is not good when that becomes the only criterion.

Shelters are full of dogs waiting for a person to whom they will give all their love, so why not make it possible for him? A adopted dog will love you and will be loyal to you regardless of whether he is purebred or not. After all, if you have decided on a Maltese, first look for him in one of the shelters. That way, you get a chance to save the life of an abandoned Maltese.

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