INCREDIBLE – FIRST SHE DID A YOGA ROUTINE AND THEN LITTLE ENGAGED IN THE ROBBERY! She broke into a bakery and stole croissants – hit video (VIDEO)

According to reports from Australian media, security cameras captured an unusual scene before a burglary occurred at a local bakery in Richmond, a suburb of Melbourne. The footage purportedly shows a 44-year-old woman engaging in yoga poses and stretching before breaking into the establishment in the early hours of March 3, around 03:00.

Upon discovering the footage, bakery employees expressed their surprise at the thief’s pre-theft activities. In a post on Instagram, the bakery humorously noted that yoga seemed to be a prerequisite for the break-in. The thief’s flexibility was evident as she reportedly helped herself to various items, including irresistible croissants, before making her escape.

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