HE SPENT 12 YEARS IN CHAINS: Surrounded by the love and encouragement of his rescuers Roger has undergone a remarkable transformation, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well

Responding to an urgent plea, Paws of Compassion rushed to the aid of an elderly dog who had endured 12 long years tethered in the dust, neglected and forgotten.

Upon arrival, rescuers discovered the dog, now affectionately dubbed “Roger,” in dire straits. Left behind after his owner’s passing four years prior, Roger had fallen into the care of an elderly individual who could no longer provide adequate attention or care. Photos shared by compassionate dog advocates at ilovemydogsomuch painted a heartbreaking picture of Roger’s condition – emaciated, toothless, and shrouded in filth from neglect.

Swift action was taken, with Roger whisked away to the nearest veterinary clinic for urgent medical attention. There, dedicated professionals worked tirelessly to address Roger’s myriad health issues, from severe skin ailments to anemia and intestinal parasites. With tender care and compassion, Roger received the treatment he so desperately needed, including a long-overdue bath to cleanse away the grime of neglect.

Now under the watchful eye of foster caregivers, Roger is receiving ongoing care and rehabilitation, surrounded by the love and support he deserves. Through the unwavering dedication of his rescuers, veterinary staff, and foster family, Roger is undergoing a remarkable transformation – not just in terms of his physical appearance, but in his spirit as well. Despite the years of neglect and hardship, Roger’s resilience shines through as he embarks on a journey of healing and hope.

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