Husband watches as wife’s pulled from life support but then she turns and says 5 words

In the face of an unimaginable decision, Ryan Finley found himself grappling with the choice of whether to remove his beloved wife, Jill, from life support after she slipped into a coma with a grim prognosis.

Ryan discovered Jill unresponsive and not breathing, launching into action with CPR and fervent prayers until paramedics arrived. Despite their efforts to revive her, Jill’s heart remained weak and her breathing slow. Rushed to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, she was subjected to cooling measures to minimize brain damage caused by oxygen deprivation, yet she ultimately lapsed into a coma.

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Days turned into weeks as Ryan clung to hope, praying for a miracle. The medical consensus, however, painted a bleak picture, prompting the agonizing suggestion to consider taking Jill off life support. In his diary, Ryan poured out the heartbreak of facing such a decision, recognizing the gravity of the moment and contemplating Jill’s wishes.

“Today could be the worst day of my life. I essentially have to decide whether or not she will die or not,” Ryan wrote, according to TODAY. Imagining Jill’s perspective, he made the gut-wrenching call, surrounded by family who bid their farewells.

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As the life support machine was turned off, Jill defied expectations, entering a phase the doctors termed the “last rally.” In a surprising turn of events, she started mumbling, instructing Ryan to take her to Melting Pot or Ted’s—two of her favorite Mexican restaurants.

YouTube Screenshot – Facing Life Head On

To Ryan’s astonishment, Jill’s will to live prevailed. She began breathing on her own, undergoing a heart surgery and rehabilitation. While she experienced memory issues and difficulty pronouncing certain words, Jill was otherwise fine and grateful for the second chance at life.

YouTube Screenshot – Facing Life Head On

Reflecting on the miraculous journey, Jill acknowledged the significance of each day, minute, and hour. The couple, now more resilient than ever, cherishes their time together, recognizing the profound perspective this ordeal has afforded them.


Their inspiring story serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of love and hope.

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