Husband sneaks dog into hospital in a suitcase so his dying wife can say goodbye

A compassionate man went to great lengths to fulfill his terminally ill wife’s final wish — to see their beloved dog one last time before she passed away. This heartwarming story was shared on Reddit, where he detailed his touching act of love.

The man explained that his wife had undergone a challenging surgery, leaving her unable to eat or drink, sustained only by an IV and strong pain medications. Her condition had deteriorated to the point where she could only communicate through speech.

In a poignant request, she persuaded her husband to secretly arrange a visit from their dog so that she could bid her final farewell.

Their dog, an Australian shepherd weighing approximately 50 pounds, could fit into a suitcase, so the man ingeniously placed the canine inside. He left the suitcase slightly ajar until they reached the hospital, reassuring the dog that the lid would only be closed briefly, and then she would see her mother.

Remarkably, the dog remained silent and composed throughout the journey, never barking or whining. When the man arrived at the hospital, he informed the staff that he was bringing important items for his wife, and they offered no objections.

Upon reaching his wife’s room, she was asleep. The man opened the suitcase, and the dog leaped out, resting on the woman’s chest. They locked eyes for nearly twenty minutes until she awoke.

After her awakening, they shared a tender reunion, spending time together. While one nurse discerned what was happening, she was so deeply moved that she decided not to disclose the situation to others.

Unfortunately, a few days later, the woman passed away. The man revealed that whenever he retrieves the suitcase, the dog assumes they are on their way to visit her once more, a poignant reminder of the heartfelt farewell they shared.

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