A fire destroyed this old man’s home, but all he cares about is his kitten

A heart-wrenching tableau unfolded as Ali clung to his cat, grappling with the devastation that had befallen his home and chickens.

Residents of the Turkish village of Ordular were witnesses to a truly somber moment.

As he inadvertently ignited a fire while attempting to kindle the stove, an elderly man, accompanied by his cherished cat, stood helplessly watching his house consumed by flames.

Fortunately, swift responders from the firefighting brigade arrived on the scene, rescuing him, his wife, son, and their feline companion.

The elderly gentleman, visibly shaken, sought solace in the embrace of his equally frightened cat. Regrettably, the fire claimed the lives of nearly all of his chickens.

The community rallied to provide assistance to Ali Meşe and his family, who found themselves bereft of their possessions.

On various social media platforms, initiatives were launched to aid this unfortunate family.

Witness the poignant video:

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