Homeless man parties for his dogs – then his life changes

A touching video from Colombia shows how a homeless man celebrates his dogs’ birthday. The clip goes viral – and has a positive impact on the man’s life.

Moving scenes from Colombia: this footage from a passerby shows a homeless man throwing a party for his dogs.

In a park in the town of Bucaramanga, the man, called Choco, sits on a staircase with his dogs Shaggy and Nena. Apparently, it’s the four-legged friends’ birthday. In keeping with the occasion, the homeless man has put party hats on the four-legged friends. Then he unwraps a cake, sings a little birthday serenade and finally serves his animal friends a piece of cake.

Birthday party for dogs – lots of help for homeless man
The secret observer published the clip on Instagram. The images touched many people. The park has since become a gathering place for animal lovers who support Choco and his dogs with food and money.

One donor even gave Choco a cell phone. This enabled him to create an account on Instagram. There, 180,000 people now follow him. Now Choco uses his account to collect money for himself, but also for neglected animals. His goal now is to open an animal shelter.

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