Heartwarming Scene: Wild Horse Rescues Young Filly from Water Peril! (VIDEO)

Horses are extraordinary animals, highly intelligent and extremely empathetic towards their fellow species. Horses are also extremely protective animals. Humans have managed to preserve them and use them for various purposes throughout history. Although many horses have been domesticated and are now mostly kept as pets, a large percentage of them have remained in the wild to live as wild horses. They always stay together in herds, and it is every professional photographer’s dream to one day capture a herd of wild horses and take some photos.
Becky Standridge A strange development occurred in a national park in Arizona that almost could have ended tragically. Fortunately, the tragedy was prevented by the quick reaction of a wild stallion. The whole event was captured by a ranger with his camera. Once there were many wild horses living in this national park, but today there are unfortunately only a few mustangs left. Becky Standridge, a volunteer for the Park Service, later recounted in detail how this event took place. On the banks of the Salt River, she saw one of the stallions named Champ resting with his herd. No one suspected that this peaceful idyll would be disturbed by a sudden event. Once the rest of the wild horses was disturbed by a very strange sound, the sound of a call for help.
Champ was a very experienced stallion who knew that one of the horses in his herd was in danger. He had to help him. He decided to cross the river because a call for help was coming from that direction! The little foal somehow got into the river and didn’t know how to get out of it.
The river was quite fast, and the little foal almost suffered serious consequences. But the incredible champion was there at the right time.
Fortunately, everything turned out well! Champ managed to pull the little foal out of the water, preventing a tragedy. From that moment on, she spends time with him very often and almost never lets him out of her sight.
Champ is the real hero in this story and another proof of the brilliant intelligence and empathy of these beautiful animals!
In the following video you can watch this story in detail:

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