Encounter with enormous jellyfish: Diver’s close-up off the shores of England

Many individuals harbor an innate fear of the profound, mysterious depths of the sea or ocean.

Contrary to this common fear, Lizzie Daly stands out as a biologist who embraces the depths without hesitation. Recently, she ventured into the underwater world to spend time with an exceptionally large jellyfish, defying the fearsome reputation associated with the deep.

In an exclusive interview with CBS News, Lizzie expressed her awe, noting that she had never before encountered a jellyfish of such impressive size.

Joining her in this extraordinary journey was marine photographer Dan Abbot, both actively participating in the captivating Wild Ocean Week campaign. This initiative provides a platform for them to explore the depths and engage with a myriad of fascinating sea creatures, capturing moments of sheer wonder.

The following details the unfolding of this incredible moment:

Source: Majestic Animals

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