Heartless Individual Abandons Box Containing Puppies on Busy Road Amid Treacherous Storm

Unfortunately, a heartless individual left a box filled with puppies on the side of a busy road in Ottawa County during a severe storm.

Despite the frightening weather conditions, the terrified puppies remained inside the cardboard box as strong winds and heavy rain battered the area over the weekend.

Fortunately, someone discovered the drenched puppies before it was too late and immediately contacted the police. Deputies promptly transported them to Harbor Humane, a shelter located in West Michigan, where they could receive evaluation and necessary treatment.

Being only four weeks old, the puppies would not have survived the night in the rain and freezing temperatures. Thankfully, they are now safe and under the shelter’s care until they find their forever homes.

The majority of the puppies are in good health and will soon be placed in foster homes, where they will continue to recuperate and receive plenty of love and attention.

Unfortunately, two of the puppies are in critical condition, but the shelter’s staff remains hopeful for their recovery.

Harbor Humane is currently investigating the identity of the person who abandoned the puppies.

“If they had reached out to Harbor, we would have been more than willing to help, and this dangerous situation could have been avoided,” the staff expressed on Facebook. “We never want to see an animal abandoned, and we genuinely will never turn away anyone or their pet in a true emergency, even when we are stretched to our limits.”

The shelter hopes that moving forward, anyone who finds themselves unable to care for dogs in their area will seek assistance before resorting to cruel actions like this.

For more details about this story, watch the video below:

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