Heartbroken Woman Witnesses Neighbor Abandoning Their Ailing Cat During Move

Heartbroken Witness: Neighbor Abandons Sick Cat During Move, But Maria Montes Steps In to Save Him

In a shocking incident witnessed by Maria Montes from her window, her neighbors decided to move out, leaving their cat behind without any regard. In July 2020, Maria took to TikTok to expose the heartless actions of her neighbors.

Rather than making an effort to find a new home for the cat, they callously left him behind as they drove away. Maria captured the moment they drove off in a video clip, showing their utter disregard for the poor feline.

During an interview with The Dodo, Maria expressed her disappointment, saying, “They could have at least informed me, ‘We’re moving out and don’t want him anymore. Can you take him?’ But they didn’t tell anyone. They simply abandoned him.”

Maria continued to check on the cat, named Rolo, and even days after his family abandoned him, he patiently waited outside, hopeful for their return. Determined to help Rolo, Maria took it upon herself to win his trust.

She researched ways to earn a cat’s trust and started by providing him with food while gradually getting closer to him. It was a slow process, but Maria remained determined to rescue Rolo from the harsh life of a stray on the streets.

Eventually, Maria succeeded in bringing Rolo indoors and continued to foster their relationship. Not long after rescuing him, she took him to the vet, where they received devastating news: Rolo had leukemia.

Maria launched a GoFundMe campaign to cover Rolo’s extensive veterinary care, highlighting his mouth infection, the need for teeth removal, cleaning, and tick removal, as well as his battle with leukemia and feline panleukopenia virus.

Despite Rolo’s health challenges, Maria was unwavering in her commitment to providing him with the best possible life. Their bond grew stronger, and she showered him with toys and all the love and care a cat could ask for.

Tragically, Rolo passed away on December 5, 2022. Maria shared the news on the GoFundMe page, explaining that he developed an upper respiratory infection and “couldn’t overcome it during surgery.”

To pay tribute to Rolo, Maria created a touching video on TikTok, honoring the memory of the beloved cat they had cherished.

Though Rolo’s time was cut short, it brings comfort knowing that he experienced two years filled with love and happiness thanks to Maria’s unwavering dedication.

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