Devoted Foster Dad’s Heartwarming Ritual: Carrying Exhausted Mama Dog to Bed Each Night

Raising children is undeniably challenging, and this rings especially true for Cholula, a pit bull who found herself in the care of a dedicated foster dad after being rescued alongside her adorable puppies.

According to The Dodo, Thom and Alisha, a compassionate couple, initially intended to foster a dog from their local animal rescue. Little did they know that they would end up bringing home a new mother dog, Cholula, along with her puppies.

Having been transferred from the city shelter to Wallis Annenberg PetSpace, where she gave birth, Cholula found herself in the care of Thom and Alisha, who lovingly embraced the responsibility of fostering not just one dog, but a whole family of nine.

The couple created a nurturing environment for the mother and her puppies, providing them with a dedicated nursery. Although Cholula was initially shy, she showed incredible devotion to her little ones, tirelessly nourishing them throughout the day.

With the demanding responsibilities weighing on everyone’s shoulders, exhaustion became a shared experience by day’s end. Consequently, the compassionate foster dad took it upon himself to carry Cholula to bed every night, easing her weary body and offering comfort.

After about five weeks, Cholula’s maternal duties gradually transitioned into playful interactions with her growing puppies. Eventually, the time came to bid farewell as each puppy found their forever homes.

While parting ways might not be easy, Thom embraces the opportunity to embark on new fostering journeys, eagerly awaiting the chance to make a difference once again.

Witness the heartwarming story in the following video:

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