HE BREAKED THE “OMERTA” LAW AND GOT A BULLET IN THE FACE! Brutal revenge by the mafia, not even police protection saved him

Naples was shaken by a brutal act of mafia vengeance on Tuesday, as a man who exposed the construction mafia met a tragic end. Salvatore Kopola, a 66-year-old engineer, was gunned down in broad daylight, becoming the latest victim of Naples’ underworld. According to reports from the “Daily Mail,” his murder was allegedly motivated by his efforts to unveil the local construction mafia.

Kopola met his demise in a parking lot, and prior to his death, he was reportedly associated with the Macarela clan, one of the most powerful factions within the Camorra, the notorious criminal organization prevalent in the Campania region.

Having severed ties with the Macarela clan, Kopola began collaborating with the Italian judicial authorities. However, his decision to break the code of silence, known as “Omertà,” is believed to have sealed his fate. Police discovered his body later in the evening, bearing the hallmarks of a Camorra-style execution. Italian media reports suggest that Kopola had been under police protection prior to his murder, having collaborated with law enforcement for approximately 15 years.

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