Frank Caprio, beloved TV judge, reveals cancer diagnosis in emotional video

Frank Caprio, the esteemed judge renowned for his role in Caught in Providence, touched the hearts of many as he shared a poignant video on December 6, disclosing his battle with cancer.

In the heartfelt recording, the 87-year-old, recently retired, reflected briefly on his birthday before revealing his diagnosis, stating, “This birthday is unlike any I’ve ever experienced. Quite recently, I’ve been unwell and underwent a medical examination that delivered unfortunate news – I’ve been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, a truly challenging form of this disease.”

He expressed that he’s presently undergoing treatment in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, expressing hope and trust in the medical professionals attending to him. “I pray that God guides their thoughts and their hands in their treatment of me. I recognize the journey ahead is long, and I am fully committed to fighting this battle with every ounce of strength I possess,” Caprio shared.

In a heartfelt plea, he humbly requested his followers and fans to offer their prayers. “Many have asked me, ‘How can I help?’ Firstly, I’m immensely grateful for all the friendship and kind messages I’ve received. But I would earnestly ask each of you, in your own way, to please keep me in your prayers. I deeply believe in the power of prayer, which alongside the medical care I’m receiving, stands as the most potent force to aid me in overcoming this trial.”

Caprio’s heartfelt appeal resonated deeply with his audience, eliciting an outpouring of support and well-wishes from countless individuals around the globe.


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