First Results of the Toxicological Analysis of Matthew Perry: Everything Currently Points to This Cause of Death, Official Results to Be Expected!

Preliminary results of toxicology analysis show what substances Matthew Perry tested negative for when he died in Los Angeles on October 28 at the age of 54. The famous actor was seen at a Beverly Hills hotel 24 hours before the tragedy, looking well, and was found lifeless in his hot tub at his estate the next day. New details step by step add to the picture of the tragic event.

Matthew Perry’s death was not caused by an overdose of fentanyl or methamphetamine, preliminary tests show. The analysis showed that neither meth nor fentanyl, potent opioid-like substances, were detectable in the actor’s body. Further testing as part of the toxicological analysis will be conducted to determine if other illegal drugs were present in his blood or if harmful doses of prescription drugs were present.

All of the drugs found in Matthew Perry’s home on the fatal day had been prescribed due to various ailments the actor suffered from, from depression to anxiety, and were in the appropriate packaging. If the toxicological tests show anything suspicious, the Homicide and Robbery Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, which is in charge of the case, will continue the investigation.

So far, all indications are that Matthew Perry drowned in the hot tub, likely as a result of cardiac arrest. The final analysis will show whether this conclusion is correct.

The fact that preliminary tests show no methamphetamine or fentanyl overuse, which are major causes of America’s opioid epidemic, is consistent with what Perry’s loved ones have reported: He was sober and happier than he had ever been, TMZ reports.

Originally, the results were expected to take at least six weeks, but now there is talk of a period of four to six months before the actor’s official cause of death is announced.

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