Woman marries her cat – to protect herself from future landlords

Because a British woman and her cat are inseparable, they now give each other the yes-word. But this curious wedding should also serve a purpose. The woman wants to prevent future landlords from separating her from her cat.

The 49-year-old Deborah Hodge had to separate in the past already frequently from her four-legged friends. She has already had to give up three animals because landlords did not allow pets in their homes. That’s why she now made the decision to simply marry her cat so she never has to say goodbye to it again.

Because she is currently also facing eviction due to lack of rent, she unceremoniously decided to marry her cat India. The single mother of two children hopes that future landlords will recognize how important her cat is to her.

Curious wedding: woman marries her cat

She said, “I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I married my cat! I swore to the universe that no man would ever tear me and India apart. She’s basically the most important thing in my life after my kids.”

Deborah and India celebrated the wedding with friends. Although she met with astonishment from them, they still wanted to support the British woman. Only her two children did not accompany her down the aisle. “My children were not there that day, they just think that mom has lost her mind!” said the newlywed.

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