Dog is been locked up in a box because her owner said she was “too yucky to touch”

All dogs deserve to be loved and to have someone who cares for them and gives them the love and attention they need. Unfortunately, this is not always the case; some animals have to live in inhumane conditions.

The dog in the video below, Sarah, was one of those animals. Her owner locked her in a filthy outdoor cage, and for most of her life she was kept in chains and given only food and water to keep her just barely alive.

Due to the long duration of unacceptable living conditions, her owner would not even touch the dog because she considered it too dirty and “disgusting.” Instead of trying to help the dog get better, the owner neglected him even more until it seemed too late for Sarah to regain her strength.

Fortunately, help arrived before Sarah died. A fantastic group of rescuers took the dog out of the squalid conditions she was living in and offered her a chance at a new life. Now Sarah is surrounded by people who love her and give her the care she needs.

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