Cute rescue cow wins the hearts of other farm animals, but horses need convincing

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the sweet face of a cow, with their big eyes and fluffy ears. Winston, a rescued cow living on Delmar Farm, is definitely one of those irresistible cows – unless you’re a horse.

Claudia, Winston’s owner, told We Love Animals that she rescued Winston and took him in at Delmar Farm when he was only two months old. The other farm animals seemed to get along well with the adorable little calf, but the horses were initially wary.

In particular, Trigger, a horse on the farm, was not exactly friendly to Winston at first and would nibble on him or simply ignore him at every opportunity. But that didn’t stop Winston from greeting Trigger every day with a big smile and a few kisses!

Although Winston has already won the heart of some of the horses, he still has to work hard to convince Trigger. But with his lovable nature and unwavering determination, he is sure to succeed.

Check out the video below to learn more about the sweet cow, and follow Winston and his rescued friends on Instagram at @delmarfarm_ to learn more about their life on the farm.

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