Corgi Puppy’s Respiratory Struggles Unfold Shortly After Adoption

A 3-month-old corgi mix named Cooper, a rescue from an overcrowded shelter in Oklahoma, found his way to It Takes A Village Animal Rescue & Resources in Iowa. Initially given a clean bill of health, Cooper was adopted shortly after his arrival.

However, Cooper’s journey took an unexpected turn the following day. His new family discovered him struggling to breathe, prompting an immediate trip to an emergency veterinary clinic. There, he was diagnosed with severe infectious pneumonia and placed on oxygen to aid his breathing.

With the sudden health crisis, Cooper’s family made the difficult decision to surrender him back to the shelter, hoping he would receive the specialized care he needed. Cooper remained at the emergency clinic under intensive care for four days, undergoing lung scans and receiving antibiotic treatment.

Fortunately, Cooper’s prognosis is positive, and he is expected to fully recover with proper medical attention. To assist with the significant veterinary expenses and ongoing care, the rescue organization reached out to Greater Good Charities’ Emergency Animal Fund. The fund aims to provide grants to shelters and rescues, supporting the medical needs of shelter pets like Cooper.

Despite his current health condition, Cooper has already caught the attention of potential adopters who are eager to welcome him into their homes. But his recovery takes priority, and the rescue organization emphasizes the importance of ensuring his well-being before finding him a permanent home. They describe Cooper as a loving and playful puppy who enjoys snuggling when he’s feeling well.

To help Cooper in his journey towards a healthy life, the rescue has set a fundraising goal of $4,375. Donations will not only provide Cooper with hope and the means to continue his fight, but also cover the extensive medical expenses and ongoing treatment required for his recovery.

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