Animal Control Officers Discover Dog Shot, Bound, and Buried Alive

Our hearts ache for the dogs who endure unspeakable cruelty. Their capacity to love unconditionally makes it all the more shocking when we learn of the mistreatment they face.

One such tragic case is that of a dog named Star. Her former owner claimed that he deemed her too old and made the horrific decision to shoot her before binding her and burying her alive, according to reports from International Animal Rescue.

However, Star’s story took an unexpected turn. Animal Welfare Department officers in Malta were conducting an investigation into another incident when they heard faint whimpering in the distance.

Driven by their instincts, they followed the sound and stumbled upon Star, whose nose was barely visible above the ground. Without hesitation, they dug frantically with their bare hands, desperate to rescue her from her nightmarish ordeal.

As they unearthed Star, the extent of her suffering became evident. Not only had she been buried alive, but she had also endured multiple pellet gunshot wounds to her head, and her snout and paws were brutally bound. Miraculously, she was still alive, defying the odds stacked against her.

Authorities swiftly located Star’s former owner, Alfred Vella, who admitted to charges of animal cruelty. Vella was sentenced to three months in jail and ordered to pay an $11,000 fine, holding him accountable for his heinous actions.

Following her rescue, Star made remarkable strides in her recovery, displaying incredible resilience. The dedicated efforts of rescuers and caretakers were preparing her for a new chapter with a loving forever family.

Tragically, after being placed in her new home to begin her fresh start, Star’s health deteriorated, prompting her return to the St. Francis Animal Care Centre. Despite their best efforts to stabilize her condition, Star’s battle ended when she succumbed to pancreatitis.

Although Star has left this world, her indomitable spirit lives on as an inspiration to rally against animal cruelty in Malta. Advocates hope that her story will spur further changes to protect these innocent creatures from harm and ensure a brighter future for them.

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