Controversial Outfit Steals Spotlight at Movie Premiere! “Is this a red carpet or a bedroom?” (PHOTO)

Kristen Stewart caused a stir with her attire on the red carpet. The American actress made waves at the premiere of the film “Love Lies Bleeding” in Los Angeles. Her outfit, to say the least, left the public in shock. Known for her role in the “Twilight Saga” series that captured hearts over a decade ago, Kristen appeared in an ensemble that had many speculating Kanye West could be her stylist.

She sported nylon stockings, a backless bodysuit with daring side slits accentuating her chest, paired with a jacket revealing her shoulders and classic black shoes. Fans also couldn’t help but notice Kristen’s tousled hairstyle—half of her hair tied in a bun with unkempt bangs.

The unconventional look sparked a flurry of comments on social media. “Disaster,” “What on earth is this fashion?” “Not only does it look awful, it’s so uncouth,” “You’re channeling Kanye West vibes,” “The red carpet isn’t a bedroom,” “What happened to you, Kristen?” “Where is the world heading?” “I can’t imagine who would like this,” “This isn’t red carpet material,” were just some of the reactions flooding the internet.

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