All Eyes on Famous Plus-Size Model! New Photos Stir Controversy Due to Skirt and 92 KG (PHOTO)

Ashley Graham turned heads in New York when she appeared in a sheer blouse and tight denim skirt. Whether intentional or not, Ashley Graham is once again stirring up strong reactions! The most famous plus-size model was spotted leaving a well-known restaurant in New York. For the occasion, she wore a long, form-fitting denim skirt and a blouse with sheer stripes, which she draped over her shoulders, revealing a white bra underneath.

Ashley is known for advocating for a natural look. She proudly embraces her 92 kilograms, often posing nude, and has been hailed as the world’s sexiest woman. However, this fashion choice has divided social media users. While some believe the denim skirt looks stunning on her, others argue that tight-fitting styles don’t suit women with excess weight. “She’s beautiful,” “I adore her because she has immense confidence,” “I don’t like this at all,” “I don’t understand why she chose this shirt,” “She’s as lovely as an angel,” “This skirt doesn’t suit her at all,” “How can she wear this skirt with 92 kg?” These are just some of the comments.

Let’s also remember how Ashley has openly spoken about physical appearance: “People often ask me how I manage to radiate self-confidence and comment on my fashion sense. Just because I weigh over 90 kilograms and pose for lingerie campaigns doesn’t mean I want to constantly discuss what it takes to have such confidence. Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean I have to engage in these kinds of conversations all the time.

It’s somewhat shocking to me because the same questions aren’t posed to thinner women. Ultimately, it’s not all about looks. Sometimes, what’s inside us is something we should work on,” Ashley once said.

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