Can dogs and cats be friends? 6 tips to make your cat and dog best friends!

dogs and cats be friends

The most asked question in the world of animal lovers is can dogs and cats be friends? We have certainly asked ourselves this question at least once in our lives. With the first 6 tips, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. A dog and a cat can be good friends if you give these two completely incompatible species time to become friends. So the answer to your question is YES. Dogs and cats can be friends!

Can dogs and cats be friends?

dogs and cats be friends

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Can dogs and cats be friends 6 tips to make it happen:

  1. learn to understand their “body language“.

Dogs and cats have similar physiques, but their body language generally conveys different messages. Can a dog and a cat become friends if their body language is similar but still completely different?!

If your dog raises its tail and head, it means it is challenging another dog, whereas with cats, a raised head and tail is generally a positive, friendly signal.
Tail wagging is also common in both dogs and cats, and the meaning is also completely different! If your dog wags his tail, it means he is very playful and happy, whereas for a cat it means he is very, very angry!
Our advice is to get used to these signals and try to reconcile them somehow. Give them time to get to know each other and you will accept their differences.

  1. get to know them in the right way

It is extremely important that the reunion of dog and cat is as stress-free as possible for both animals. As the cat’s temperament is relentless, it is very likely that she will be the one to blame if something does not go well during the introduction. So show her affection and encourage her. It is important that she feels that the dog’s presence does not jeopardise your love and that she is still your only princess.

  1. make sure their scents get to know each other before they see each other “face to face”

This is a tip that is sure to succeed. And before they meet “face to face”, use their bedding or something else that carries their scent. This way they can get to know each other and get used to each other, and the first meeting will be less stressful for both of them. A dog and a cat can become friends if they smell each other’s scent and get used to it in time.

  1. It is easier to place them when they are young

If you want a pet and can’t decide whether to have a dog or a cat, it’s fine to choose both, but do it while they are young! A dog and a cat can become best friends when they are children, while they are still discovering the world around them.
When they are young, they are more likely to form a friendship because territorial behaviour and traditional instincts are not yet developed.

  1. Private space for an older dog and cat

If your pets are a little older, things become more difficult, but not impossible. The first and most important thing is to avoid stress. And that’s something to keep in mind.
First, make sure you provide your cat with a safe retreat in a crate or high platform that your dog can’t reach.

This will give her the opportunity to find a quiet place and get her bearings without the dog being able to intercept her. Dogs are known for their exuberant personalities and this can sometimes be a little too much for your cat, so these quiet spaces will help your cat to become much more open and make friends.

It is also important that your dog is sufficiently tired, as an excited, energetic dog tends to chase and annoy the cat. It is better if the dog is tired from the walk. Make sure you exercise often and allow enough time to play with your dog, especially during the settling-in period.

  1. choose a dog that accepts a cat as a roommate well.

Of course, a particular breed of dog is no guarantee that your pets will automatically get on well together, but it is naturally better to choose “cuddlier” breeds because they are peaceful. A dog and a cat can be friends if they have a similar temperament and can adapt to each other.
Cats with a rather nervous temperament do not get along well with an excited dog, regardless of breed. There are breeds that naturally get along well with cats. Some of these breeds are:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Bulldog
  • Beagle
  • Maltese

Remember that it takes time and a friendship between cat and dog doesn’t happen overnight. It’s all about making the right first impression and taking enough time to get used to them.


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