An abandoned piglet was close to death, but a dog adopts it and saves it!

Being a mother does not only mean giving birth to a puppy and then leaving it. Being a mother means taking care of it, giving it the necessary care and protection as well as warmth and love.
Abandoned small animals have no chance of survival without their mother. For their growth and development, they need food and their mother’s daily care, but also the protection she provides. If their mother abandons them for any reason or simply dies, they are at the mercy of their environment. So this little piggy was left without its mother, and when it was on the brink of life, something incredible happened!

Kind-hearted people found a tiny piglet that was just two weeks old and brought it to their farm. However, these people had no pigs among their animals, so the care of this little pig fell to none other than a dog! Yes, you read that right!

The little piglet’s new foster mother was an eight-year-old dog named Katjinga. And to make things even more exciting, the dog was very good accepting of the little piglet’s care.

In this way, the little piglet’s life was saved! This dog got his five puppies, with whom the little pig shared milk, and became a real part of the family. This dog is very empathetic and accepts the little piggy as if it were his own puppy, regardless of any differences!

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