After being saved from death, this little elephant follows in the footsteps of the woman who helped him!

Moyo is the name of this amazing and irresistible elephant who has become a real internet sensation because he irresistibly wanted to fit into the life of the woman who saved his life. Moyo was about to cross the river when she got stuck at one point and could no longer take a step. All of a sudden, hyenas formed around her and were ready to kill the poor elephant. Fortunately, the rangers managed to react in time. Roxy Danckwerts is the owner of the Wild Is Life shelter where Moyo was taken after being rescued.
Moyo is now one and a half years old, she is still a “baby” but so big that she will soon no longer fit into the home of this good woman who now considers Moyo her mother!

Mojo ended up at the shelter with her new mother Roxy after the rangers responded in time.

Moyo is so attached to this woman that he can recognise her voice and smell without any problem. Roxy Danckwerts says that the little elephant finds her wherever she “hides”. He adds that Moyo is not the easiest to live with in the house, as his size and awkward gait, as well as inarticulate wagging of his trunk, often cause mess in the house! It is not uncommon for her to make a mess of the house because she wants to see and touch everything.

Mrs Danckwerts is aware that their friendship must end soon, at least not to this extent. Moyo is growing very fast, living in a house is just not her natural environment and will not be physically possible. Moyo should be slowly returned to her natural habitat, if possible, to rejoin her lost pack.

Mojo also tries to eat cutlery.

When the hyenas showed up around Moyo, she was already alone because the pack had abandoned her.

Watch the fantastic video below:

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