A sad stray cat didn’t want to interact with people until a woman touched him and restored his confidence in humanity!

Theodore was found as a homeless cat living in harsh conditions in North Philadelphia. He arrived at “Stray Cat Care” with a sad expression and kept his head down the whole time.

He was closed, barely moving, and did not want to contact anyone. Liz, a feline behavioral therapist who volunteers for Stray Cat Relief, recognized his shyness and took him in.

Life on the streets was not good for Theodore, and he wasn’t angry and wanted to feel safe and loved.

Liz started caressing his face, head, and back to show him she wanted to help him. Teodor could not resist this love. After two days, he was ready to sit on Liza’s lap to be petted even more.

Theodore made a little progress every day, and already in the first week, he enjoyed massaging his belly in Liza’s hands.

Theodore lived with terrible teeth and wandered the streets for a long time. Now he has finally received much-needed dental treatment, can eat without discomfort, and enjoy life to the fullest.

His favorite pastime is cuddling with famous people. Teodor always has a sad face, but he turns into the cutest boy and reunites with his foster mother.

Theodore gains confidence in his quiet, cozy home, where he can relax and nap during the day. Endless hugs and kisses remind him that he is loved.

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