A mother cat hid her babies in the basement to escape from people

The residents of a house accidentally discovered a mother cat with four kittens in the basement. The desperate mother hid her babies there because she was afraid to show babies to people.

Residents of the U.S. state of Indiana reported the cat family to rescuers.

A mother cat and her four kittens were found in a basement under a house – the cat had found a hiding place and was hiding her babies there.

Rescuers from the ARPO shelter were quickly on the scene and offered their assistance.

The cat was emaciated and very hungry, but still she gave all her love to the kittens.

All the kittens were in perfect health, which once again proved how compassionately their mother cared for them. Soon the cat family was taken to a rescue center.

At first, the mother cat was suspicious of her new surroundings, but when she realized that she was safe in her new home, she relaxed and began to calmly take care of her offspring.

Mom enjoyed the fact that she no longer had to be afraid of anything, that nice people were around, and that her kittens were safe.

Mom’s nickname was Goldie – she did not want to leave her kittens alone and was constantly watching over them, and in the meantime they became strong and active.

The kittens grew bigger and more curious, learning to walk and exploring more. Goldie continued to keep an eye on them, but she had more time to herself.”

The kittens are now five weeks old – they are active, affectionate and healthy, and despite their age, they still feel like kittens next to their mother and claim her affection.

Goldie joyfully gives them all her love. When the kittens are old enough, permanent owners will be found for them and their mother.


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