A homeless cat approached the food truck: the woman saw the cat and understood what it needed

A stray cat approached the food truck, and an employee noticed it immediately. But the cat stood humbly by, watching, and didn’t even ask for food.

An American woman named Avery was working in a hot dog cart when she suddenly saw a hungry “guest.” A stray cat was walking alongside the cart, shyly hinting that it wanted to eat. But she didn’t insist – she just stopped next to the cart and peered in from a distance.

Foto: petpop.cc

The employee had seen her the whole time, but couldn’t get out of the cart until the end of her shift. The cat was still sitting there, politely and humbly waiting to be given something. The woman gave the cat a sausage, which it immediately ate with great appetite.

Foto: petpop.cc

“I thought she would run away or be afraid of me, but she came up to me,” the woman says. The cat was very affectionate and grateful and even let me hold her. She and Avery hit it off immediately, and the woman decided to help the cat. She took her to the vet. No microchip was found on her – so she was definitely homeless. It was also determined that she had no health problems and that the cat was about 1 year old. That’s when the woman decided it was fate.

Foto: petpop.cc

The woman took the cat with her, and she and her husband decided that the cat would be their pet from now on! The cat was named Blue and has been living happily with her new owners ever since. As fate would have it, a little homeless cat came to the van and found a loving home!

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