A gift from a blind cat with most of her teeth missing melts her mom’s heart.

Resilient Blind Persian Cat, Moet, Flourishes in a Loving Home after Overcoming Harsh Pet Store Origins

Moet, a courageous blind Persian cat, has discovered joy and fulfillment following her rescue from a squalid pet store in Oman. Her early days were spent in confinement, alongside numerous other kittens, enduring neglect and inadequate care that led to a debilitating flu and the subsequent loss of her vision.

However, Moet’s unwavering caregiver, Dr. Emily Shotter, sees her as an embodiment of perfection. Their paths serendipitously crossed shortly after Moet underwent a delicate procedure to remove her eyes in 2014, forging an unbreakable bond that has endured ever since.

Seizing every moment, Moet delights in the simple pleasures of life—gentle belly rubs, delectable chicken treats, and the playful interaction with crinkle balls. Dr. Shotter proudly shares how effortlessly her blind feline gracefully maneuvers around their home, remarkably familiarizing herself with its layout within a mere week. Moet joyfully cohabits with other feline companions, including Chandon, a fellow blind female, creating a harmonious and supportive environment.

Moet’s captivating videos on TikTok have captivated the hearts of a global audience, amassing an astonishing following of 800K. Despite her dental challenges stemming from Feline calicivirus (FCV), causing oral inflammation and the loss of most of her teeth, Moet continues to astound her adoring mother with heartfelt gestures.

Dr. Shotter recently melted hearts by sharing an endearing video capturing Moet’s offering of a toy as a thoughtful gift. This touching act, rarely witnessed in recent times, left an indelible impression not only on her devoted mom but also on viewers worldwide.

In the heartwarming footage, Moet confidently emerges from around the corner, carrying the toy delicately in her mouth before tenderly placing it on the floor, accompanied by an affectionate meow. Dr. Shotter assures her audience that she responded by showering Moet with love, expressing how good of a girl she is.

Judy Sullivan, moved by the video, commented, “The second call out melted my heart!! What precious babies!!! Thank you for loving them as they deserve.” Michelle Hambaroff concurred, writing, “Teeth or no teeth…Absolutely cute…100%.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this heartwarming video below, and be sure to follow Moet on TikTok for an ongoing stream of uplifting moments that will brighten your day.

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