A family that loves a puppy with a deformed face saves him and takes him in.

Although Arrow the dog’s life started off horribly, he is now as happy as his videos and pictures depict. Anyone who had seen him when he was a puppy would have foreseen his destiny.

He had no idea, however, that destiny would choose for him real angels as parents—parents who would love and accept him despite his horrifying deformities.

Arrow was in a terrible condition when he initially showed up at the doors of the animal rescue group PMM Rescue Inc. They found that the terrible bite he had gotten from another dog had severely injured his jaw. It was too late to preserve his lower right jaw, regrettably.

It smelled like a rotting corpse, it was that necrotic and awful. Taking out the dead bone was the only alternative choice. The only option left to the veterinarians was to completely amputate the lower right portion of the jaw and partly amputate the upper right side.

The brave surgeon who spent hours performing the difficult and time-consuming operation on Arrow was Dr. Sidhu of Bakersfield, California. Before he went, he insisted on taking care of the little dog and saving Arrow’s life.

Although the attack left his young face with lifelong scars, his disposition—which had always been bright and positive—was unaffected.

A great film that made his tale famous reveals his traumatic origins, but more significantly, the incredible fighter and creature of light he has become as a consequence of the never-ending outpouring of love.

Arrow likes to make the largest messes when eating, playing baseball, learning new skills, and drinking water. As opposed to going on walks with his parents in the evening, he would much prefer snuggle, give slobbery kisses, snooze, and sleep a bit longer in the morning.

arrow posted a piece of writing on Twitter.

His family accepts him just as he is, regardless of any possible flaws or physical limits. Considering that Arrow, who is two years old, still has a puppy’s energy. He has always been cheerful and energetic throughout the day since he is aware that he is the most beloved member of the family.

The owner of the dog would not exchange him for anything, despite the fact that his family is used to chasing him around the house, cleaning up after him whenever he makes a mess, and collecting the innumerable kibbles that fall from his crooked mouth when he eats.

A person’s or a puppy’s essential value has nothing to do with how they seem on the surface, as the tale of this peculiar dog amply reveals. Nothing could be more accurate than the saying from The Little Prince, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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