A dog was forgotten in a Moscow shelter 6 years ago

The name of the dog is Tarasik. It came to a home in Kozhukhov six years ago and. . he was forgotten!

That is, it was fed and the dark enclosure was cleaned – but it was not allowed out for walks and play with conspecifics. It wasn’t until six years later, after being housed in a quarantine block, that he was recalled as part of the shelter’s 2020 restructuring. And from that moment on, a radical change in Pa’s destiny began.

The dog was wild, unsociable. He did not let people approach him and bit them when they tried to pet him. And he took his meals without leaving his corner. So the chance that such a feral animal from the shelter would end up in a family was slim.

But gradually the dog’s heart began to thaw. He even allowed photographer Tatiana and her daughter to appear in his enclosure.

A number of photos appeared on the shelter’s account, and people who saw them began to send money, which was enough not only for the shelter, but also for the other animals in the shelter. And in October 2020 Tarasik got neighbors, dogs Milka and Smokey. He now even goes out of the enclosure with Smokey, who has proven to be more sociable, and Milka protects him by keeping him warm in the cold and covering his body at the slightest danger.

Now Tarasik is waiting for a human friend to enter his life, who will share in his fate and walk with him, supporting and loving him. Now he just needs to get out of the shelter and get used to life in a home.

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