A 130-pound dog finds loving owners after a long period of solitude.

When searching for a new dog, most people tend to only consider local kennels and animal shelters. Jane’s husband is a prime example of this pattern being broken.

Upon discovering images online of a 59-pound St. Bernard, the couple knew instantaneously they wanted one for themselves. Soon enough, Jane found herself on a plane from New York City to Nebraska, journeying to collect their new dog, Cosmo, and drive him home.

“Hearts United for Animals”, an animal shelter in Auburn, Nebraska, prides itself on never euthanizing healthy animals. Recently arrived, Cosmo’s past remained largely a mystery. He had been surrendered by a breeder who declined to elaborate on the reasons for his decision.

The shelter staff were certain that this charming, friendly giant would find a new family sooner or later. Little did they know at that time, how far the dog would have to travel to reach his new home.

The shelter employees were deeply moved when Jane first met Cosmo. Stepping out of her car, she walked straight towards him with a small toy alligator in hand, a plaything for her soon-to-be pet. The moment she approached him, she couldn’t hold back her smile and started chatting with the dog. Soon enough, the ecstatic dog was in her lap, his tail wagging excitedly as he craved her attention. From that very first moment, it was apparent that Jane was destined to be Cosmo’s new owner.

Joined by Maggie, Jane’s sister, they picked up the hefty St. Bernard and placed him in their car, setting off on their long journey back to New York. Initially suspicious of the car—presumably having never been in one before—Cosmo quickly adjusted, making him the ideal road trip companion.

Since arriving at his new home, the giant fur baby has been diving into fresh experiences. He’s been getting to know the entire family, which includes children, two other dogs named Pappy and Handel, and house rabbits. Of course, Cosmo adored all of it.

It took only a few days for him to acclimate to the other dogs and learn table manners (the family table is just the right height for a large St. Bernard who doesn’t mind grabbing a bite). Jane and her family are doing everything they can for Cosmo, and the puppy has already fallen in love with his new family.

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