When her owner abandoned her, she spent nine years alone in a garbage dump, left to her own (VIDEO)

Persephone Harrington noticed the unfortunate dog amidst the debris of the dump, clearly in distress and without a home. Moved by compassion, she reached out to Hope For Paws for assistance.

Upon arrival, rescuers found the dog in a pitiful state, surrounded by filth and neglect. It soon came to light that the dog had been abandoned by its previous owner nearly a decade ago, condemning it to a life of hardship and uncertainty.

Despite the challenges, the resilient dog, affectionately known as Josephine or Pheenie, managed to survive with the help of kind-hearted individuals in the area. However, her health had suffered greatly from the harsh conditions she endured.

Thankfully, with the intervention of compassionate caretakers, Josephine was rescued from her dire situation and taken to CARES for thorough examination and treatment. Though she battled various infections and ailments, she was finally given the care and attention she deserved.

Los Angeles Animal Rescue stepped in to provide Josephine with a loving home for the remainder of her days. For five months, she experienced the joy of companionship and comfort, basking in the love and care of her newfound family.

Sadly, Josephine eventually passed away, but not before experiencing the warmth and affection she had long been deprived of. Thanks to the dedication and kindness of those who rallied around her, Josephine’s final months were filled with happiness and contentment, a fitting end to a life marked by resilience and grace.

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