WALKED IN TIGHTS AND ON THE END SHE TOOK THEM OFF! Kanye West’s wife is under attack again, he was touching her in front of everyone

Kanye West’s wife has once again stirred controversy, this time with her bold fashion choice and an incident caught on camera.

The rapper’s wife, Bianca Censori, made a striking entrance in fluorescent green tights and a skin-colored top, turning heads and sparking a flurry of comments from onlookers.

However, it was her subsequent actions that drew the most attention, as she provocatively removed the bottom part of her attire in full view of the paparazzi.

The scene was captured from all angles, leaving little to the imagination and prompting a wave of criticism directed at the couple. Kanye’s behavior, in particular, came under scrutiny, with many condemning what they perceived as his inappropriate actions towards his wife.

Once again, Bianca and Kanye found themselves at the center of public scrutiny, igniting debates and discussions across social media platforms.

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