This “heartbroken” dog ran away from home everyday to visit his dead owner’s grave

Yet another poignant testament to the age-old adage that a dog is truly man’s best friend emerges from the heart of Turkey.

In the quiet corners of a Turkish home, a dog embarked on mysterious journeys, repeatedly escaping the confines of his abode, leaving his family puzzled. The truth gradually unraveled, revealing that he was making his way to the sacred resting place of his departed owner.

The heartwarming tale begins when Ismail Öztürk, a compassionate soul, adopted a forlorn and abandoned puppy, christening him with the name Zozo. An unbreakable bond swiftly formed between the two kindred spirits.

However, when the inevitable transpired, and Ismail passed away in 2014, his faithful canine companion was left inconsolable. The void left by his beloved human was a chasm that seemed impossible to bridge.

In the days that followed, the family observed a perplexing pattern. Zozo, now a symbol of unwavering loyalty, was often conspicuously absent from home. The mystery persisted until one fateful day.

Zafer, Ismail’s son, decided to pay a visit to his father’s final resting place, a gesture filled with love and remembrance. To his astonishment, he encountered a sight that spoke volumes—Zozo, perched atop Ismail’s grave.

In that poignant moment, all became clear to the family. Zozo had been escaping from home, not out of wanderlust, but to tenderly visit the hallowed ground where his cherished owner lay in eternal slumber.

In the absence of words, Zozo had conveyed his profound grief and enduring love through actions. His steadfast devotion to Ismail was evident for all to see, an enduring reminder of the deep and unbreakable bond that exists between humans and their loyal canine companions.

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