This 60s heartthrob was hooking up with groupies, partying with the Rolling Stones, and in AA by the age of 19 – look at him now

In the vibrant era of the 1960s, Peter Noone rose to fame as the charismatic frontman of Herman’s Hermits, capturing hearts with his adorable face and equally charming voice.

While comparisons to contemporary heartthrobs like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles are inevitable, Noone’s journey through the heyday of rock ‘n’ roll holds a distinct charm.

The band’s meteoric success, marked by hits like “I’m Into Something Good” and “There’s A Kind of Hush,” propelled them to stardom, even outselling the Beatles in 1965.

Noone reflects on those times, reminiscing about the unique experiences of a teenage rocker living the quintessential rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, sans the drugs.

Now at the age of 64, Noone continues to captivate audiences on the road as part of Britain’s Solid Silver 60s Show. While his fellow Hermits veterans are absent, he shares the stage with other musical luminaries of the era, Brian Poole and Brian Hyland.

Noone expresses the enduring thrill of touring, relishing the nostalgia as fans serenade him with old songs.

Having called California home since the 70s, Noone embraces a healthy living lifestyle. He reflects on the debauchery of the 60s, acknowledging the fortune of having survived those wild times.

The reminiscence includes anecdotes of hanging out with legends like John Lennon and Richard Harris, revealing a different side to the famed 60s rock scene.

Despite the fame and success, Noone’s life took unexpected turns. At 19, he attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with his father, realizing the need to cut down on drinking for the sake of his performance on stage.

His resilience shines through as he proudly declares 16 years of sobriety.

The multi-talented entertainer’s personal life has also been marked by enduring love. Married to Mirielle for 43 years, Noone shares a charming story of persistence and affection, admitting that it was probably “lust at first sight” before blossoming into true love.

Transitioning from the 60s music scene, Noone explored new stages in the 80s, taking on roles in Broadway productions and television shows.

A recent stint as a mentor and voice coach on American Idol showcases his continued relevance and engagement with contemporary audiences.

As he takes the stage at 64, Noone acknowledges the transformation from the shy little kid of yesteryears to a seasoned performer who still exudes charisma. At 75, he defies age, looking fantastic and continuing to enchant audiences with his timeless voice.

The journey of Peter Noone is not just a nostalgic trip through the 60s but a testament to the enduring allure of an icon who has gracefully embraced the passage of time.

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