There are 3,000 women and ONLY 7 men in this tribe WHO SLEEP IN TREES to escape from LUSH WOMAN: Their only task is REPRODUCTION, the women do not give them peace and treat them like babies

A tribe where matriarchy reigns supreme, housing 3,000 women alongside a mere 7 men, has captured widespread attention since a TikTok video surfaced, shedding light on their unique way of life. Believed to be a primitive tribe dwelling in the Amazon rainforest, the initial impression of these men living in what may seem like paradise is quickly dispelled upon closer inspection—they find themselves in a challenging earthly existence.

This tribe is governed by women who wield control over every aspect, including the men, whom they rotate at intervals to ensure equal attention. The concept of marriage holds no sway within this community.

The remaining 7 individuals in this tribe, ranging from an elderly man to a 13-year-old boy, struggle with the complexities of reproduction, given the scarcity of men. Consequently, procreation has become an arduous task.

Valuing Men with Ample Backsides

Men with ample buttocks and bellies are particularly esteemed in this tribe, regarded as special and most capable due to the belief in superior genes and efficient reproductive abilities.

Of the 7 men remaining in the tribe, an elderly man and a 13-year-old boy are included, while the rest are children. Due to the limited number of men, their sole duty is to father children, and any other tasks are strictly forbidden. Women treat them like children, indulging their every whim, while children in this tribe belong to the women rather than the men.

Short Lifespan for Men in this Tribe

To sustain the male bodies and keep them active, women feed them white worms. As a symbol of love and a daily display of ownership, women tie a ribbon around a man’s wrist, signifying their possession for that day. However, men do not endure long in this tribe. They quickly weaken due to the numerous demands placed on them by women. Often frightened for their safety, they opt to live and sleep in tree.

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