The ship’s engine broke down, and no one could fix it

The ship’s engine had malfunctioned, rendered helpless in the face of the repair challenge.

They brought in an experienced mechanic, a 70-year-old, who carefully inspected the machine several times. Without much hesitation, he grabbed a hammer and precisely struck a specific spot on the engine. With the master’s magical touch, the engine came back to life.

However, when the ship owner received a bill of 10,000 euros, he felt extremely dissatisfied. He decided to confront the mechanic and demand a detailed explanation for such a high amount.

The mechanic calmly responded:

“Hammering with a hammer – 2 euros, knowing where to hammer – 9,998 euros.”

At that moment, the owner realized that experience is invaluable and that the skill of the mechanic was crucial in solving the problem.

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