The quirky cat has finally found a temporary home, after losing a man who took care of her

The peculiar cat, known as Bubby, had found solace in the care of Boyd Abbott during his lifetime. While the family and relatives had initially planned to take over his care after his unexpected passing, fate took a different turn, leaving Bubby wandering once more.

Bubby’s life story was as unique as his appearance, with one paw missing and a stub for a tail. In 2012, he wandered aimlessly around Grand Falls Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada until he stumbled upon Boyd Abbott’s kitchen. From then on, he became a frequent visitor, often making himself at home inside the house.

Despite his unconventional ways, the Abbott family grew fond of the quirky cat, embracing his presence and ensuring his well-being. However, Bubby was not one for conventional pet life; he preferred the freedom to come and go as he pleased. Despite their best efforts, Bubby would often wander off, exploring the world beyond the confines of the house.

Tragically, when Boyd Abbott passed away, he expressed his fervent wish for Bubby not to be abandoned. He entrusted his family to continue caring for the beloved feline. Yet, fate had other plans, and Bubby disappeared once more, leaving behind a void in the hearts of those who had grown to love him.

In a twist of fate, Bubby resurfaced in the neighborhood in mid-2019, recognized by a former neighbor, Ray Pinsent. Ray, aware of Bubby’s history with the Abbott family, took it upon himself to ensure the cat’s well-being. With the help of a new homeowner, they decided to provide temporary shelter for Bubby, knowing that finding him a forever home would be a challenge.

Sarah McLeod, a compassionate volunteer, stepped forward to care for Bubby temporarily, knowing that his journey to finding a permanent home would be a long one. Despite the uncertainties, Bubby’s resilience and unique charm continue to inspire those around him, reminding us that every creature deserves a chance at happiness and love.

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