The man noticed that the boy was looking at his cell phone, and his unexpected move was recorded by the camera

People often surprise us, and in a big city like New York, where life moves fast, sometimes it’s hard to take time for the little things. For this reason, a man traveling on the subway in New York did not expect to become an Internet sensation because of his action . He had no idea that his little companion would make people remember his face.

The man did not notice that his young companion on the train was ‘spying’ on his cell phone. The man had headphones on and was playing a game on his phone when he felt a pair of eyes looking at him. The man then looked up and realized that a curious boy was sitting next to him.

He continued typing on his cell phone and had no idea that the third passenger was recording the entire event. After a few stops, and the boy still watching, he got an idea. He turned off the headphones and gave the mobile phone to the boy.

The boy happily took the phone and threw himself into the game, while the man reacted calmly, as if nothing special had happened. But he had no idea that someone had filmed them and that it would end up on social media.

A few days after the ride, the video became popular on the Internet, and you can see why from the footage. Everyone now praises the man for acting so benevolently towards the boy, and rightly so.

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