The man gave baby elephant CPR to save its life after a motorcycle accident

The remarkable rescue of an injured elephant through CPR is a tale that even the rescuer himself finds hard to believe.

When an elephant faced a life-threatening situation, the people in the area knew exactly who to call — Mana Srivate, a seasoned animal rescuer with an impressive track record of providing CPR to creatures in distress. While his previous interventions had mostly involved smaller animals, this was his very first encounter with an elephant in need.

As others rushed to assist a motorcyclist involved in the same accident, Mana focused his attention on Ellie, the distressed elephant. Nervous and filled with uncertainty, he understood that time was of the essence.

With limited time and immense pressure, Mana embarked on a mission to save Ellie. This unfamiliar terrain tested his skills and resolve, but his dedication and expertise prevailed. Against the odds, he succeeded in delivering life-saving CPR to the majestic animal.

The moment Ellie’s life was spared, Mana’s eyes welled up with tears of relief and profound emotion.

Following the heroic rescue, Ellie was swiftly transported for further medical treatment, ensuring her swift return to the company of her fellow elephants.

Thanks to the unwavering determination of this extraordinary individual, Ellie was granted a second chance at life.

This heartwarming story is a testament to the incredible impact that compassion and quick thinking can have on the lives of animals in need. Share this incredible narrative with your loved ones to inspire hope and celebrate the power of human kindness.

Source: Lexnau

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