The former star of Sex & the City shines again – She was called GORGEOUS and a disaster: the Hollywood cutie got rid of fillers and everyone is amazed at how she looks

Dubbed both fabulous and disastrous, a Hollywood darling has made headlines after opting to remove fillers, leaving everyone stunned by her transformed appearance.

Amid the highly anticipated return of the beloved characters from “Sex and the City” in the series “And Just Like That,” viewers were quick to notice the natural changes in the actresses’ appearances. While Sarah Jessica Parker faced criticism for her gray hair, her co-star Kristin Davis, aged 59, endured harsh comments regarding her use of fillers.

As photos from the set circulated online, social media platforms buzzed with negative reactions to Davis’s altered visage. The barrage of criticism seemed to affect the actress deeply. However, recent Instagram snapshots shared by Davis during a visit to Kenya hinted at a return to her natural look, sparking speculation that she had dissolved the fillers.

Compliments poured in for Davis, with fans praising her newfound natural beauty and advocating against the use of fillers. However, the actress has not been immune to the backlash, expressing frustration over the incessant scrutiny of her appearance.

In a candid interview, Davis revealed her exasperation with the intense scrutiny, emphasizing that it’s not just about age but also about enduring criticism throughout her career. Fed up with the relentless commentary, Davis adopted a defiant attitude, urging detractors to focus on their own lives rather than incessantly criticizing others.

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