The former residence of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston continues to be regarded as one of the most stunning celebrity abodes, capturing the essence of Hollywood charm

The opulent mansion that once housed Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston during their romantic heyday continues to stand as an emblem of celebrity luxury. Jennifer Aniston, now celebrating her 55th birthday, remains a beloved figure in Hollywood, as does Brad Pitt.

It’s no wonder that many who follow the glitz and glamour of the film industry still reminisce fondly about their time as a couple. Their union in 2000, celebrated with a lavish ceremony in Malibu, captivated audiences worldwide.

Every detail of their wedding, from the star-studded guest list to their post-nuptial endeavors, garnered immense attention at the time. Following their nuptials, Brad and Jennifer took up residence in a lavish Beverly Hills mansion, which to this day retains its status as one of the most enchanting homes in the world.

Originally constructed in 1934 in the French Norman style for renowned actor Fredrik Marko, the property spans an impressive 12,000 square meters and occupies a prestigious corner of Los Angeles.

Over the course of three years, Brad and Jennifer meticulously tailored the villa to their preferences.

They spared no expense, outfitting the residence with luxurious amenities including marble heated floors in the kitchen, a fully stocked bar, a private cinema, a tennis court, and a guest wing.

However, following their 2005 divorce, Aniston and Pitt opted to part ways with the mansion, ultimately selling it for $28 million.

Subsequently, the property’s value soared to an astonishing $56 million before being eventually sold in 2020 for a “modest” $32.5 million.

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