Stunning images of snowy owl caught by Montreal traffic camera

A mesmerizing spectacle unfolded and was expertly captured by a vigilant traffic camera. In the midst of its graceful flight, a majestic snowy owl graced the camera’s lens with its presence.

This captivating moment was just one of the enchanting snapshots taken by a CCTV camera along a Montreal highway. The footage showcased the snowy owl in all its majestic glory.

Robert Poetin, the Minister of Transport in Quebec, couldn’t resist sharing these captivating scenes on social media. He marveled at the stunning snowy owl captured by the road cameras along the A-40 highway, west of MTL, treating viewers to a truly exceptional sight.

This unique snowy owl encounter is a testament to the remarkable wildlife that can be witnessed in unexpected places.

While unfortunate incidents involving birds and vehicles or planes are not uncommon, there are strict protections in place for snowy owls in Canada. These regal creatures hold a special status as the official symbol of Quebec.

Owls, in general, are often regarded as symbols of wisdom, and this snowy owl’s appearance on the camera is a reminder of the beauty and grace of the natural world that surrounds us.

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