Small dog miraculously survives devastating flood that destroyed her house

In recent weeks, Ermioni Giannakou of DAR Animal Rescue has embarked on a tireless mission to visit local villages that have been ravaged by devastating floods. The scenes of despair and loss have been heartbreaking, with many villagers forced to abandon their homes as the rising waters inundated their lives. In the midst of this chaos, the plight of their beloved pets was often overlooked.

Ermioni has been a beacon of hope in these abandoned places, braving the smell of devastation to bring much-needed food and search for any surviving animals. Her compassion and dedication have been unwavering.

During one of her courageous journeys, Ermioni stumbled upon a true miracle. In the yard of a home reduced to ruins, she found a small white dog. Covered in mud and burdened with clay-laden paws, the dog’s presence in the aftermath of the disaster was nothing short of remarkable. The trauma etched in her eyes was evident.

Without hesitation, Ermioni gently scooped up the dog and rushed her to a veterinarian for the care and recuperation she so desperately needed.

On a more uplifting note, Ermioni’s tenacity paid off when she managed to locate the dog’s family. Unfortunately, the family was currently residing in temporary accommodations and were unable to take their pet back just yet. In their time of need, DAR Animal Rescue has extended a compassionate hand, generously stepping in to care for the dog. This selfless act ensures that both this resilient dog and a fortunate kitten can look forward to brighter days ahead, filled with love, care, and a fresh start.

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