She was declared one of the sexiest women, with the most amazing body -THE WOMAN WITH THE MOST PERFECT BODY WEIGHTS ALMOST 100 KG AND IS SEEN AS A GODDESS BY MEN

If you’ve ever wondered how a woman hailed for having the most perfect body in the world approaches her meals, Ashley Graham has some insights to share. When Ashley Graham ascended to the ranks of the sexiest women, boasting an awe-inspiring physique, it signaled a shift away from the era of starvation and the obsession with ultra-thin figures.

At one point, Ashley weighed close to 100 kilograms, yet she carried herself with such confidence that she appeared as though she weighed 60. Her unwavering self-assurance enhances her posture, lending her body a voluptuous allure while effortlessly dismissing any concerns about excess weight.

Standing tall at 177 cm, she embraces her 100-kilogram frame without a hint of shame. Despite facing criticism about her weight in the past, Ashley has transcended those insecurities.

“I’ve given curvaceous women a seat at the table where we were previously overlooked—amongst the high-fashion elite who once deemed us unworthy of admiration,” Ashley remarked.

As for her meals, Ashley’s diet consists of nutritious and wholesome choices:

  • Breakfast: A refreshing kale, ginger, lemon, apple, and beetroot smoothie with a sprinkle of parsley.
  • Lunch: Quinoa and whole grain rice mixed with an assortment of vegetables, topped with sesame paste.
  • Dinner: Baked salmon accompanied by a bed of arugula and sweet potatoes.

Despite her disciplined approach to eating, Ashley admits to indulging in chocolate and reserving cheat days for enjoying her favorite comfort food—macaroni and cheese.

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