She held her mother’s hands while her boyfriend stabbed her! They stabbed her 20 times in the head, put her body in the fridge, but they didn’t count on this

A teenage girl killed her mother with her boyfriend, and then they put her body in the refrigerator. A terrible crime took place in Brazil in the city of Maceio, where a thirteen-year-old girl and her boyfriend killed her mother, and then put her body in a refrigerator, “Mirror” writes. . Her mother, Flavia dos Santos Carneiro, tried to prevent her daughter and her boyfriend from moving in together.

The daughter admitted that she was holding her mother, and that her boyfriend (22) stabbed her with a knife. Then, to cover her tracks, she told her mother’s colleagues that she was sick so they wouldn’t worry about her not coming. However, the van driver hired by the killer’s father alerted the police when he came to move the fridge. He was told to “throw away the old equipment” and it turned out to be the body of a murdered woman inside.

“The victim’s daughter admitted that she held the victim’s hands and gave the knife to the killer. He stabbed her in the head, neck and chest. We did not notice any regret or tears from them,” said police chief Tiago Prado.

Local media reports that the victim was stabbed more than 20 times. Flavia forbade the murderer to enter her home, and she was against her daughter and him living together.


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