SHARON STONE’S EXPLOSIVE CLAIM ON THE SHOW! She said that they asked her to HAVE RELATIONSHIPS in front of the cameras!!

During a riveting appearance on Louis Theroux’s show, Hollywood icon Sharon Stone dropped a bombshell claim regarding her experience filming “Sliver.” Stone asserted that the film’s producer had urged her to engage in intimate relations with her co-star, Billy Baldwin, to heighten the authenticity of their on-screen chemistry.

Renowned for her allure and talent, Stone recounted a shocking encounter with producer Robert Evans, who allegedly insinuated that her performance would benefit from real-life intimacy with Baldwin. Recalling Evans’s audacious proposition during a private meeting, Stone revealed, “He invoked his past liaisons with Ava Gardner, suggesting that I follow suit with Baldwin to enhance the film’s credibility. It was utterly preposterous!”

Stone, unyielding in her professionalism, vehemently opposed the notion, asserting her commitment solely to her craft. “My duty was to act, not to partake in some manipulative ploy to bolster the film’s allure,” she affirmed.

Following Stone’s televised revelation, Baldwin took to social media to offer his response, expressing bewilderment at Stone’s continued mentions of him. In a candid Twitter post, Baldwin mused over Stone’s motives, hinting at past interactions and teasing the possibility of revealing more about their history. However, Baldwin’s insinuations drew skepticism, with Stone’s friend Janice Dickinson’s publicist Claudia Green refuting Baldwin’s claims, emphasizing that such incidents never occurred.

As the controversy swirls, shedding light on the complexities of Hollywood dynamics, Stone’s courage in speaking out against coercion and manipulation resonates as a beacon of integrity amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry.

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