SEA PREDATOR ATTACKED DIVER IN CAGE! People started to help, and then they saw blood (VIDEO)

The dramatic video of a shark attacking a cage has become relevant again. The video of a shark off the island of Guadalupe in South America has become relevant again. In the gruesome video, a four-meter great white shark can be seen running into the protective cage while the diver is inside, writes “San”.

People try to open the cage and help the man. At one point, you can see blood, but not human blood, but from a shark. “She grabbed the bait in the water, but accidentally hit the side of the cage and ended up inside. She hit so hard that she broke the metal rail,” said the author of the video.

When she finally flew out of the cage, there was silence. Everyone was waiting for the diver and he ended up at the bottom of the cage where he waited for the shark to go to the depths so that he could come out unharmed.

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