Robert De Niro (80) and his daughter Gia (10 months) in an embrace in a rare family photo

In a heartwarming glimpse into his personal life, acting legend Robert De Niro, aged 80, shares a rare moment of tenderness with his ten-month-old daughter, Gia, in a family photo.

Thrilled by the newest addition to his family, De Niro radiates joy as he embraces his daughter Gia, cherishing the precious moments they share together. Reflecting on fatherhood and his illustrious career in Hollywood, the iconic actor recently received an Oscar nomination for his role in “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

In an interview with People magazine, De Niro expressed his profound love and admiration for his daughter, describing her as an “adorable baby” who brings immense happiness into his life. Welcoming Gia into the world at the age of 79 with his girlfriend Tiffany Chen, De Niro marvels at the sheer joy and relief he feels when he gazes into her eyes, noting that everything else fades away in her presence.

For De Niro, being present in the moment with Gia is a source of unparalleled joy, marking a cherished chapter in his life enriched by the boundless love he shares with his daughter.

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